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A little while back I got a random but very welcome email from a young lady named Lainey who is the proud owner of a late 1960s or early '70s Hobie surfboard. She told me that she found Qustom via a web search for a WAVEset adapter for this very pristine midlength that bears no model name and just the way cool Hobie logo that you see in the photos below.

After exchanging a few messages we agreed that I would send her one of my test pieces, which she was stoked to try out.

Lainey's experience in her own words:

"Being able to switch out the traditional, plastic waveset fin to a modern fiberglass fin has eliminated a ton of the drag I was experiencing from the back end of the board. The Hobie I’ve been riding the adapter in has super modern rails and design for a late 60s board, so adding the modern fin to it has made the board honestly feel like a midlength from one of today’s shapers.

Plus the board is super bellied, so since I was able to add a true flex fin to the board with the help of the adapter, I got more of a hull like feeling from the board.

I also really love how the adapter opens up a whole new realm of possibility for old boards. I can try all different types of fins and experiment. I can try other templates of Wavesets and I can also try tons of different modern fins in it."

I just find this super cool to hear! Thank you so much Lainey for stoking me out and getting me motivated to jump back on this project! 

I am knocking out a few more examples that will be ready soon. Hit me up if you are interested!




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