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1968 Surfboards Hawaii 8'0" Vee Bottom

It's going on five years since I bought this board at Bird's, and in that time I've heard all kinds of things said about it...

  • "Those things don't work" - Joel T.
  • "That was one of the quickest fads in the history of surfing!" - Randy R.
  • "What's going on with that tail?" - Joe Blow
  • "...before they learned how to make bottoms..." - JT
  • "Why would you want to ride one of those?" - Dave L.
  • "I've never seen aything like it!" - Pretty much everyone

And yet, every time I get on it, it's a blast! And since they say a picture is worth 1,000 words... well, here are a bunch of pictures that should push the imaginary word count in your head straight into the stratosphere! (Photos by yours truly unless otherwise noted)

Nico Sawn aka Neeks in Full Jive
Swing it out wide now swing it back inside
*That* Moment

we've all been there, at least in our dreams

All Crossed Up
I'm feeling the flow yo is this a right?
that title says it all and so much more
If it weren't for Joe Roper's Surfboard Repairs...
Here's where Nico walks like this with this board under his arm
Third Wave or was it Sixth?

Irregardless, skanking has always been in.

Feather the Throttle
Push onward and Persevere
It's Going to be So Worth It.
You will see
Peter Dagalea on 1968 Surfboards Hawaii Vee Bottom

Kneel de Grass Jiveson would have to agree

You Think I'm in Focus
not even close
Uh Oh...
Where Am I?
HAHA, I'm baaaa-aaaaack
(stealth cool)
Lemme Just Pop a Lil Wheelie Now
Wait How Do I Get Out Of Here?
(exit stage right)
Fixing to paddle out with
Ouch, rocks
| photo @gayla__b
It's a secret
| photo @gayla__b
The Best Surfers The World Has Ever Seen
(practice makes pelican)
| photo @gayla__b
ELO and a little Steeleye Dan
nuff said
| photo @gayla__b
Finding Joy
tis the season
| photo @gayla__b
Scratch Yer Ankels
look cool
| photo @gayla__b
Stick Figure
Can I get a witness?
| photo @gayla__b
Oh You're Done?
| photo @gayla__b
What Jeff Kerridge Sees

and what you can see too @jeff.kerridge

(but they sure do like to play...)
Ohhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhh
fun times ahead
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