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After weeks of spotty weather, San Diego finally came through with one of those amazing clear, sunny days that it's so famous for. The locals took quick advantage of the opportunity to grab their surfing boards and head down to their favorite hiding place, far away from the maddening crowds of tourists that flock to our fair city like so many ants to honey. 

Yours truly had just finished up a two hour session as the boys paddled out, so I grabbed my trusty old Nikon and fired off a few snaps, in between fits of laughter as they showed what's up to the few brave souls who dared stay in the water during the shenanigans... Enjoy! ;-)

Ben shows us how to NOT get snaked:

And Ben shows us how to NOT get snaked, again...:

Matt Dalton - a living, breathing highlight reel..:

Matt finds out that people will snake you when you're not looking...:

Nick D. shows how to snake your friend and still get the last laugh:

Speaking of putting on a show... Heeeeeeere's Nicky!:

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