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Surfing Around San Diego with Phil Albritton

Phil is truly a local gem. Most of PB knows him by name; he was a long time letter carrier in Pacific Beach before retiring to life as everyone's favorite beach bum/amateur surf photographer. His Flickr page is highly trafficked, and his Instagram deserves a follow if you like high quality snaps with plenty of local flavor.

I keep telling him that as soon as I have little extra cash, I'm going to buy him a 1.4x adapter for his Canon. It would be a great way to extend his 400mm rig out to 560mm, at a drastically lower cost than a 600mm lens, which he wouldn't want to lug around anyhow; they're total beasts.

Perhaps we can pull together a few dollars amongst the Tourmo crew. We only need a hundred bucks or so.

Phil's Flickr page is here, and his Instagram here.

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