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or: EveryThing NoBody Ever Told You About AquAtic Bliss WithOut Slurring

Here's a little piece I threw together after dragging the old Hi-8 Sony Handicam out of mothballs. I've never shot surfing with it before, and I'm pretty stoked on the results!

Before the Beach Boys and Jan and Dean and Gidget and gnarly crowds and carloads of hodads there was jazz. And jugs of red wine on the beach, wooden surfboards, and funny swimsuits. Can any musical artist evoke these times better than the meandering stylings of Ornette Coleman? I think not!

As for the surfing, despite Tourmaline Surfing Park being a "beginner's spot" with a seemingly endless stream of tourists passing through, there is a core group of surfers that really light it up when the conditions are on. Nick DeRov grabbed most of my camera's attention this particular day, but Ricky Cunningham, Jeremiah Yount, and Herb Bradley have their moments too. On any given day you might catch any one of them blowing minds, along with Billy Snyder, Matt Dalton, Ben Fassbaugh, and even the occasional Erik Sommer sighting.

(Oh and by the way, it is a Federal crime under Section 11.a.b.c of the Laws of Nature to listen to this video over crap speakers! That means no laptop speakers or the tiny built in jobbies in your cell phone! At least wear some good earbuds, or better yet hook up some Fisher cabinets with at least 12" woofers, OK? Thank you!)

p.s. I was going to post the video on the Tourmaline page over at, but I was having problems getting it uploaded. Anyone want to invest in a website with ten years of potential under its belt? LOL